ABOUT oishii ramen

OISHII RAMEN is a takeout only small business based in Des Moines, Iowa serving traditional ramen, which was made popular in Asia. Our inspiration for OISHII RAMEN started out with our love of ramen through our experiences growing up and traveling around Asia. OISHII means 'delicious' in Japanese, which is exactly how we would describe our ramen. Our ramen is crafted with delicious, bold flavors that will warm your soul. We are very excited to share our ramen with you, and to bring a slice of Asia to Des Moines, Iowa.
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Photos by Mary Feng @maryfeng.jpg; Ananya Kumar @whonayana; Deborah Yu @deborahyu.jpg

What makes oishii ramen special?

When crafting each bowl of OISHII RAMEN, we take careful consideration into quality, tradition, flavor, and harmony. Our operation is labor-intensive and complex, but necessary to give the best quality ramen you know and love. Our OISHII TONKOTSU broth alone takes several hours to make, which beings out that savory, creamy richness. Flavor boosters like our aka (red) oil and kuro (black garlic) oil bring the OISHII TONKOTSU experience to another level. Our spicy miso has become another favorite with complex flavors to crave. Our melt-in-your-mouth chasu (pork) is hand-rolled, braised, and charred to complement our ramen. Ajitsuke egg (seasoned, soft-boiled) is flavor-packed and a perfect topping to any bowl. In addition, we have added more vegetarian and vegan options to share our love of ramen with Des Moines. Thank you so much for your support in OISHII RAMEN!

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