About Us

We are so glad you have found OISHII RAMEN!

Starting out as a pop-up restaurant concept, we have provided thousands of bowls of ramen to the Des Moines metro since 2020. We are a married duo who love to travel to find good food. We believe that good things take time, much like the quality that goes into our ramen. With our combined experiences through childhood, cooking, and travel, we are confident to bring out authentic flavors to Des Moines, Iowa. 

Louis Tan – Founder

Louis was born and raised in Malaysia, a country of diverse Asian flavors. Ramen has always been a part of Louis’s life with many ramen restaurants housed in Malaysia. Inspired by the diverse flavors of his upbringing and many trips to Japan, Louis learned to appreciate the depth of ramen. When studying applied mathematics and economics at the University of Iowa, he started to explore his culinary skills. Louis is the founder of OISHII RAMEN and the one creating the ramen that makes OISHII RAMEN special.

Jessica Tan – Co-Founder

Jessica was born in Korea and raised in Okinawa, Japan for most of her childhood before moving to Iowa. Ramen has always been a staple in her life. She studied education at the University of Iowa and always has a craving to learn and create. Jessica decided to live in Korea from  2015-2018 while frequenting Japan. She moved to Des Moines with husband, Louis, discovering there was no ramen specialty shop until OISHII RAMEN was established in 2020. Jessica is behind the scenes with social media, communications, and creating in the kitchen with Louis.

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